Augmented Environment

Posted by gduhamel at 8:54 am

The general objective of the augmented environment project is to design architectural and software solution allowing anyone to setup an augmented reality persistent environment.

By removing the traditional AR-marker constraint, and supplying wearable “glasses-like” display, the goal is to fit information systems in everyday life and scenes.

Science fiction anticipates profusion of holograms or see-through displays as a way to merge information in reality.

Augmented environment is based on a preliminary adjustment of the area, so that deployment zone is limited (room, building, ..). This augmented space would be bound to the geography of the place while remaining totally virtual.

First prototype

Results displayed in video below are from the very first prototype of this project. It is far from perfect and quite limited. For budget reasons (self-funded) equipment involved has nothing to do with aforementioned devices.

This video clip is a proof of concept, in need of many improvements, built to assess the whole project viability